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Why on earth does Eskimo make its Gordon heated towel rail from aluminium? Many people know that aluminium is lightweight so it’s found, for example, in most modern airplanes. However, while our towel rails are very clever they are unlikely to be able to fly anytime soon!

The secret to why the Gordon heated towel rail is built from aluminium lies behind the metal’s other, perhaps lesser-known, qualities.

White vertical heated towel rail

Aluminium qualities, found in the Gordon heated towel rail, include:
  • Aluminium has excellent heat conducting qualities, making it super-efficient. For the consumer, this means the Gordon heated towel rail will heat up super quickly and consume less power than standard heated towel rails. In fact, our towel rail will come up to operating temperatures three times quicker than a standard towel rail, consume 43 percent of the energy to dry towels effectively and will dry your towels in around a third of the time of a standard heated towel rail. Plus, at the same time as drying your towels, Gordon’s natural convection will help to heat your whole bathroom.
  • Aluminium is easy to machine, cast and work with. Not a quality that you’ll necessarily appreciate to the fullest, because you don’t have to manufacture your new heated towel rail. What you will appreciate, however, is the look we can achieve by using aluminium. In fact, you may confuse Gordon for a beautiful sculpture instead of a highly practical and valuable piece of bathroom furniture.
  • The versatile metal is 100% recyclable. In fact, your new Gordon heated towel could have been a drink can or an airplane in a previous life. We’ll go with the airplane as it sounds a whole lot sexier!
  • Aluminium is extremely corrosion-resistant, so your Gordon heated towel rail will not corrode or rust. In a bathroom, where humidity levels can get to high levels, this is a pretty handy quality to have. Speaking of humidity, this is an area that standard heated towel rails fall well short. The lack of airflow using a standard rail means that towels often won’t become completely dry where they rest on the rail. This is not an issue with Gordon, due to its long vertical fins. Your towel will be completely dry when you leave the comfort of your warm shower.
  • Aluminium is a very strong metal, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the Gordon heated towel rail if you bump into it in the middle of the night. It’s also extremely durable and will last for many years.
  • And yes, aluminium is light. Light enough to use in airplanes, soft drink cans, window frames and even the foil you use in the kitchen.
With all these qualities and features, perhaps we were wrong. Maybe the Gordon heated towel rail can fly after all!


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