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Is a heated towel rail worth it?

Grey gordon heated towel rail
Why are people buying heated towel rails?

This is a pretty easy question to answer and it’s probably the same reason your considering one. Primarily, what could be more luxurious than stepping out of the bath or shower and into a lovely warm towel? It beats picking up a cold, damp towel to dry yourself off, any day of the week!

Health benefits

You could argue that not having to dry off with a cold, wet towel is a health benefit, but there are other more pressing matters to consider. That is that wet towels provide perfect growing conditions for bacteria. Bacteria that you can smell and that can be unhealthy for your family. Drying towels more quickly will reduce bacteria and keep your towels, your bathroom and you clean and safe.

Heated towel rails are efficient

If you’re the type that runs a spreadsheet on budgets and running expenses, we know you’ll be concerned about how much it’s going to cost to run your new appliance. Well, relax, it’s not much. As we highlighted in a recent posts on ‘How much electricity do heated towel rails use?’, it can be as little as 28 cents a day. In other words, the weekly expense is less than the cost of a take-away coffee.

They can save you money

Potentially, you can recoup the running costs, particularly if you’re currently using the dryer to dry towels in-between showers. You also won’t have to wash your towels as often as you do now, which means they should last longer. Now that heated towel rail is really sounding more like an investment rather than a lavish expense!

Heated towel rails are trendy

While perhaps not vitally important, in these days of social media and instant gratification it’s worth highlighting that heated towel rails are a growing trend. They’re becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, because of the benefits that we’ve highlighted above. Plus, your new heated towel rail will make a great Instagram photo for your followers!

They look great

The reason a new heated towel rail will impress your social media followers is that they look great. Far more impressive than a standard rail. Plus, if you purchase a Gordon heated towel rail, you’ll ramp up the appeal. It’s like an art installation, but super practical to boot.

White heated towel rail mounted on slate bathroom tiles

As well as looking like no other heated towel rail you’ve likely seen, the benefits of Gordon don’t end there. With its vertical design and stylish fins, Gordon will flash dry towels. In fact, it will dry towels in around a third of the time of traditional, horizontal heated rails. And it does the job very efficiently.

Gordon is available in four colours so there's one to suit every bathroom. Find out more on the Eskimo website.

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