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Gordon Heated Towel Rail

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Our bestselling heated towel rail. Timeless vertical design, built-to-last, and extremely low power consumption make for a perfect balance of practicality and luxury.

Colour: Black

One simple solution to all your bathroom needs

Do more than warm up and flash-dry towels. Gordon helps reduce loads of washing, extend the life of your towels, save space in your bathroom, and brings hotel-like luxury into your home.

Installation Instructions
Power Supply

240v AC (compatible with auto timing switch)


100% recyclable aluminium with non-slip textured finish


1000mm (H) x 208mm (W) x 111mm (D)


200w output (average $0.04 cents per hour)

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Made in the UK

Designed, engineered and built in the UK to the highest quality standards.


Quicker drying time

Dries towels up to 3x quicker compared to standard horizontal towel rails.

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