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5 reasons for a heated towel rail in your bathroom

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If you’ve ever been warmed up by a long, hot shower, only to be greeted by a cold wet towel upon getting out of the shower, you would likely only need one reason for a heated towel rail in your bathroom. But like our cousins the Eskimos, we think a bit differently here at Eskimo. Just like they revolutionised accommodation in icy climates, we’ve reinvented heated towel rails, and we reckon there are many reasons to install one in your bathroom.

Black Gordon in blue bathroom setting

So, here are our top 5 reasons for having a heated towel rail for your bathroom:
  1. It might not be the only reason but it sure is the first, and probably the most important, reason for having a heated towel rail in your bathroom. No one likes enjoying a hot shower only to have to dry off with a cold towel, particularly one that is wet. A heated towel rail will ensure drying off is just as enjoyable, luxurious and warm as the shower.
  2. An Eskimo heated towel rail in your bathroom will do a splendid job of drying and heating up your towels, and they’ll also help heat up your bathroom. Yes, that’s right, a good quality heated towel rail doubles as a heater. The only negative is that with a warm room and towel awaiting, you’ll have fewer excuses for having a long water guzzling shower!
  3. If your towels aren’t drying between your showers during winter, it will only be a matter of time before they start smelling. The reason – mildew. And while mildew may sound like a nicer word than mould don’t kid yourself, it’s virtually the same thing. Both are fungi that love moist environments and can be bad for your health.
  4. If your towels are getting smelly chances are you’re washing them more often than they need to be, or perhaps you’re throwing them in the dryer between showers. This is reducing the life of your expensive towels and increasing your laundry costs. Chances are a low energy consumption heated towel rail, like the ones we make here at Eskimo, will save you money in the long-run.
  5. A heated towel rail in your bathroom simply looks better than traditional towel rails. Granted, not all heated towel rails look as good as an Eskimo heated towel rail, but we make no apology for that!

    Wall mounted gordon vertical heated towel warmerNot all heated towel rails are created equal...

    Introducing Gordon the heated towel rail. He may look like an art installation, but if you have one installed he may quickly become the most practical and useful item in your bathroom.

    Gordon, like other heated towel rails, is designed to warm and dry bathroom towels, but unfortunately for our competitors he does it better than others and looks a whole lot better doing the job. In fact he is so effective that he will dry towels in around a third of the time of a standard heated towel rail.

    Quick to warm up, safe, power efficient, improved airflow, reduced humidity, 100% recyclable and available in three colours. What a clever Gordon he is!

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