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The future of heated towel rails has gone vertical

White heated towel rail

If you think all heated towel rails are simply large items that look a little like ladders, then think again. The future of heated towel rails is changing. A future where towel rails are vertical, look like pieces of art, don’t take up unnecessary space and can hold enough towels to suit the biggest household.

The first heated towel rails were invented in the 1980s and were initially a luxury item sold to high-end hotels. Apart from making their way from hotels to homes across the globe, not a lot changed with the heated towel rail for the next few decades.

Gordon electric towel rail

If you wanted one for your home, generally the horizontal ladder-style model was the only option available. It did a reasonable job of drying and warming towels. However, it could only hold one or two towels, unless you folded them several times, which made the rail inefficient not to mention the gap between each of the rungs where there’s simply no heat.

Understanding the negatives of traditional heated towel rails, a UK company called Eskimo invented a completely different model. Instead of horizontal rails that towels are hung from, Eskimo’s heated towel rail, called Gordon, features vertical fins that towels are draped over.

As an accessory in the bathroom, its eye catching and a space saver, but Gordon is much more than that. Its design, materials and quality mean that it can reach operating temperature in a fraction of the time of conventional models and dry towels much quicker.

In today’s times of cost-of-living pressures, this is extremely important as it makes Gordon economical to run. In fact, you can dry your towels and have them warm for when you step out of the shower, for as little as 30 cents a day. Over a week, it’s less than the cost of a cup of take away coffee.

Another key to Gordon’s success is its ability to hold a large number of towels and bathmats. While a smaller model can hold four items, a larger model called the Double Gordon can hold a massive eight towels and bathmats. All while maintaining its efficiency and low-running costs and taking up less space than most conventional horizontal heated towel rails.

Introducing Double Gordon Vertical Heated Towel Rail

The Double Gordon is perfect for colder conditions as well as humid climates, which can make drying towels notoriously difficult. This is due to Gordon’s design, which increases air flow and exhausts humid air constantly from around the surfaces of the towels.

Double gordon electric towel rail

The Double Gordon is available in two colours, white and black. As well as drying and warming up to eight towels, it can also gently heat your bathroom.

You can find out more about the Double Gordon on the Eskimo Heat website. You can also visit one of the company’s showrooms at the Home Innovations Display Centre in Frankston, Melbourne, or Elia Bathrooms in Lane Cove, Sydney also Home Base, Perth.

Eskimo engineers and manufactures the world’s best electric and hydronic designer radiators and heated towel warmers. The company’s products are custom built and manufactured in the United Kingdom, providing the very best in quality, design and efficiency.

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