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How to stay warm in the bathroom this winter

Eskimo Heat Ron radiator

It may only be April but there’s already a chill in the air, particularly in the mornings when most of us are enjoying our showers. A definite reminder that winter is on the way. So, how do we stay warm in the bathroom in cold weather? Here are Eskimo Heat’s top tips.

9 tips to warm up your bathroom
  1. Most heated towel rails won’t increase the warmth in your bathroom (we did say most; read on for more on this). However, there’s perhaps nothing more luxurious than wrapping yourself up in a warm towel after a shower on a cold day.
  2. Say goodbye to freezing cold tiles on your precious feet by installing heating in the floor. This is really only a possibility, however, if you’re renovating your bathroom, as the heating is installed under your floor tiles.
  3. A much cheaper and easier way of not having to step onto cold tiles is to use bathroom rugs. While any rug can be used, it’s best to use one that is made for wet areas. They’ll be slip-resistant and super absorbent.
  4. It’s not just about adding heat but keeping heat in your bathroom. A standard glass window can lose almost ten times as much heat as an insulated wall of the same size (source Sustainability Victoria). Make sure any gaps around your bathroom window frames are sealed and cover your windows in winter with good quality, close fitting curtains or blinds.
  5. Add a heat lamp to your bathroom. There are many different types available for purchase, some which also include lighting and a fan.
  6. Install a radiator in your bathroom and winters in your bathroom will never be cold again. Eskimo Heat offers a range of hydronic and electric radiators. Built with the very best in design and quality.
  7. If you’re installing a towel rail or, better yet, a heated towel rail, make sure it’s positioned close to your shower and bath. There’s nothing worse than having to tip-toe over cold floor tiles, in a cold room, to finally wrap yourself up in a towel.
  8. It won’t make the temperature in your bathroom any warmer, but adding a few items can make it seem warmer. We’re talking about things such as a warm paint colour on the walls, including some cosy accessories such as baskets and spare towels, and popping in a plant or two.
  9. If you love a bath and are renovating your bathroom, consider a bath made from a material that will keep your water hotter for longer. Materials such as soapstone, limestone, brass and copper for example.

You may have noticed that we haven’t included space or portable heaters in our tips. Yes, they can certainly add heat to your bathroom, but they’re quite expensive to use. Most importantly, they can also be a safety hazard around moisture and water, so best leave these devices for bedrooms, studies and living areas.

Eskimo heat electric radiator

Not all heated towel rails are created equal

As we mentioned, Eskimo Heat sells a range of quality, premium designed hydronic and electric radiators. And we also sell heated towel rails. Although to be fair, that’s a bit like saying Ford sells cars, Coca Cola produces soft drinks and Qantas flies planes.

Eskimo Heat’s heated towel rail is called the Gordon and it doesn’t look or operate like any towel warmer you’ve probably seen before. It’s better.

The first thing you will notice is the visually appealing design and look of the Gordon, with its 4 or 8 vertical fins. What you won’t notice is how clever Gordon is and how well it does its job. You also won’t notice – until you install it in your bathroom – that it will help provide some additional heat to your space, unlike most competitor’s models.

Gordon electric heated towel warmer

Here are some other benefits of the Gordon heated towel rail:

Most heated towel rails only fit one or two towels or bath mats, while the standard Gordon can fit four and the double Gordon fits eight.

  • It’s more efficient than most towel warmers and, compared with other units, can warm up more quickly and dry towels in a shorter time.

  • Gordon is very inexpensive to run.

  • Gordon’s looks are revolutionary… And sexy! It comes in four colours and has a textured powder coat to help prevent towels from slipping.

  • Gordon will suit any bathroom style.

  • It may take a lot of towels, or bath mats, but it’s a space saver and perfect for large or small bathrooms.

  • Our heated towel rail can be controlled by an on/off switch or a programmable timer.

To find out more about the Gordon heated towel rail and how it can help you keep warm in the bathroom this winter, view this product page here.

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