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How Much Do Heated Towel Rails Cost To Run?

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Ever wondered about the electricity consumption of heated towel rails?

In a nutshell, for our Gordon Heated Towel Rail it's surprisingly low; you can heat and dry towels year-round without putting a significant strain on your electricity usage.

Skip to the point, how much does it cost?

In summary, our Gordon Heated Towel Rail will cost approximately AUD0.28c per day. That’s less than $2AUD per week, and no – we didn’t come up with this figure out of thin air. If you want to know the breakdown and how we reached this number, keep reading. 

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The Cost Breakdown

When it comes to energy efficiency there are three main factors we need to know in order to work out the cost of our Gordon Vertical Heated Towel Warmer:

  1. The Wattage
  2. Your Energy Rate
  3. Usage Time


Gordon runs at a low 200 watts. For the purpose of working out energy consumptiom however, we’ll convert this into kilowatts – 0.2 kilowatts is the number to remember.

Your Energy Rate

As everyone has different energy providers, plus the fact energy costs vary greatly from state-to-state (sorry South Australians), we’ll need to use some estimating here. According to, we can see the average Australian pays approximately 0.31c per kilowatt-hour. If we round up to 0.35c per kilowatt-hour that’ll be a good conservative rate to work off. 

Usage Time

Finally, we need to work out how long the unit will be on each day. In general, we estimate about 4 hours per day of usage. That leaves 2 hours to warm up your towel before your shower, and 2 hours to dry your towel after your shower.

The Total Cost

Now we have worked out our three parameters from before: (1) Wattage = 0.2kW, (2) Your Energy Rate = 0.35c/kWh, (3) Usage = 4 hours per day. All we need to do now is multiply them all together and we have our cost per day. 

0.2 x 0.35 x 4 = 0.28c per day. 

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Energy Efficiency: Beyond Crunching Numbers

Of course we can sit here and crunch the numbers all day, but the reality is efficiency in heated towel rails extends beyond just quantitative numbers; there are many external factors that contribute to greater efficiency in your overall household:

  • Gordon is not a heater but will give off supplemental heat
  • Gordon can be linked to an auto timer to turn on and off
  • Gordon can be uninstalled easily if you move home (eliminates waste)
  • Gordon will reduce your need for a washing machine as your towels will stay cleaner and fresher for longer (washing machines also use much more energy)

Learn more about Gordon now

Want to learn more about Gordon Heated Towel Rail? Head over to our Gordon Collection Page and read in-depth on all the specs now.

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