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5 key factors to consider when buying a Heated Towel Rail in 2024

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Feeling overwhelmed?

When researching heated towel rails it's easy to feel overwhelmed with information. With so many makes and models it's hard to know which style will suit your needs and compliment your home. In this blog you'll learn our 5 key factors that make a good heated towel rail and why it's important to keep these in mind. These are: 
  1. Heat Type
  2. Construction
  3. Style
  4. Size
  5. Energy Efficiency 


Heat Type

There are two categories of heating elements found in heated towel rails: hydronic (liquid heating) and electric (dry heating). Unlike hydronic heated towel rails that rely on pumping liquid around the towel rail, modern electric heated towel rails utilize a dry heating element. When selecting a heated towel rail, opt for dry heating, as dry heating not only improves energy efficiency but reduces maintenance and eliminates the possibility of leakage.


Stainless steel and aluminium are two options you’ll run into the most when it comes to construction. Based on years of heat-modelling at our Eskimo Heat factory, aluminium is the superior choice for heated towel rail efficiency. Unlike stainless steel, aluminium is light, highly conductive, and can be recycled at the end of its lifetime. Moreover, aluminium heated towel rails like our Gordon Heated Towel Rail can be finished with a non-slip finish, where as stainless steel is completely smooth. If you don’t want your towels sliding off and sitting on the floor half of the time, get one with a non-slip finish.


While horizontal towel rails are common, we firmly believe vertical heated towel rails are a superior choice. With horizontal rails, you’re towel folds over and creates large pockets of stale air. With vertical rails, you take advantage of the natural way we hang our towels, promoting natural airflow (as heat rises) – this speeds up the drying process with less power output.


Overloading a smaller heated towel rail is the best way to reduce energy efficiency and increase your electricity bill. If you have a large family, it’s important to purchase a heated towel rail that can fit everyone’s towels without overlapping. If this is you then consider our our Double Gordon which can fit up to 8 towels with ease.

Energy Efficiency

The most important aspect to consider is energy efficiency. Firstly, find make sure your towel rail is compatible with a timer switch. Having your unit turn on and off automatically – rather than running all day – is an obvious must-have. Secondly – and circling back to our earlier points – be sure to choose an electric heated towel rail with aluminimum constrcution. Aluminium is quicker to heat up, so it’ll require less energy.

Finally, do the maths. By knowing the wattage, you can figure out exactly how much your unit will cost to run before you even buy it. We’ve already done the maths for you over on our other blog post here.

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Is there a towel rail with all these features?

Yes! Our Gordon and Double Gordon Heated Towel Rails tick all the boxes and are available right now with free shipping Australia wide.

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