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10 modern bathroom must-haves for 2022

10 modern bathroom must-haves for 2022

It’s a little known fact that some eskimos performed fortune-telling by asking questions to a spirit, called a qila. Only yes or no answers were provided by the qila, which must have made it a bit tricky to ask ‘when is it going to warm up around here?’.

What’s also perhaps not well known is that us Eskimos, the people behind the revolutionary Gordon vertical heated towel rail, are also pretty good at fortune-telling. And we’ve cast our third eye on what are some of the future modern trends in bathrooms.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 modern bathroom must-haves for 2022. Like our heated towel rails, these are trends that we think will stand the test of time and will be around for a long time to come:

  1. The wet room is definitely one of the hottest trends in recent times and it’s only going to become more popular in 2022 and beyond. In case you’re unsure, a wet room is essentially a bathroom with no shower screens or separate shower cubicles. Everything is open, which creates more space and light.
  2. If the idea of a wet room is taking the concept a bit too far for you, don’t worry, we have another trend for you. Combining the shower and bath behind a glass screen is also becoming more popular.
  3. Wood and bathrooms might not seem to be a good mix, but with more water-resistant wood products appearing on the market, this is something we’re going to be seeing more of. Not just in vanities and mirror surrounds, either. You’ll be seeing wood on the floor and even wood and wood-look tiles on the wall.
  4. Open plan living has been around for ages, so why not open plan bedrooms and bathrooms? It’s not a new concept for ensuite walls and doors to be shrinking, but up to now has hardly been the norm. Expect this to change in the future, although items like toilets will still be tucked away.
  5. It seems the whole world is more green, which is a great thing and it’s creeping (no pun intended) into the bathroom… Literally! The odd pot in the bathroom isn’t unusual but in bathrooms of the future this will expand. Think living green walls and built in planters, even bathrooms that blend with an outside patio or garden.
  6. Baths and spa baths went somewhat out of fashion but they’re on the way back. The trend is due to people’s desire to de-stress more by creating a relaxing bathroom space they can truly immerse themselves in.
  7. The popularity of floating vanities is also, dare we say it, on the rise. Having the vanity raised up creates a very modern, minimalist look and makes cleaning a breeze.
  8. Before you start thinking that twin showerheads are only meant for couples who want to get dirty rather than clean, think again. This is another 2022 must-have and it’s all about practicality. No more arguing over who’s going to have a shower first on a busy morning. You can both have a shower at the same time and pass the soap to each other when required.
  9. Back-lighting of mirrors, cabinets, vanity units and shower niches are becoming more and more popular and are fast becoming a modern bathroom must-have. The eye-catching lighting is more decorative than practical, but is none-the-less stunning.
  10. Japan took the lead with the smart toilet and the rest of the world is slowly catching up. Think toilets with heated seats, self-opening lids, lighting and, of course, washing and drying of your private parts. There are even toilets that clean themselves or have cleaning equipment built-in.

Gordon Heated Towel rail in bathroom interior designed

What about heated towel rails?

You may be thinking we missed out on the heated towel rail as one of the 10 modern bathroom must-haves for 2022, but we have our reasons. We didn’t include it in our list because we reckon it’s been a must-have for a long, long time.

What is certainly a trend, however, when it comes to heated towel rails is to shy away from the standard horizontal rail and move towards a vertical option. Practically, it makes good sense as a vertical towel rail like the Gordon dries more towels, more quickly and more efficiently than the horizontal option. You can fit four large towels – yes, even bath sheet-sizes towels – on Gordon and they will be dry in a flash without using a lot of electricity.

To find out more about Gordon and why you should include our vertical heated towel rail in your bathroom renovation for 2022, go to our website or visit our display centre at the Home Innovations Display Centre in Frankston.

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