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Why choose Eskimo for your radiator or towel rail?

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One of the questions we’re often asked is what powers Eskimo’s beautiful range of radiator heaters? While we offer hydronic models, the answer is simple if you don’t have the space or existing system in place – electric it is! Yes, all our radiators and our towel rails are electric, but that’s not the only thing that separates them from the competition. Let’s look at why you should choose an Eskimo over other options.

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9 reasons to choose an Eskimo heating appliance
  1. You’ve heard about the effort and expertise that goes into building a Formula 1 race car? Well, our radiators and heating rails are the equivalent of Formula 1 in their field. It took more than two years of research and development to perfect our Outline “dry electric” modular heating element. It combines a high efficiency, natural convection aluminium heat exchanger with a powerful electric resistance heating element.
  2. For the owner of an Eskimo electric radiator, this adds up to maximum heat output without noisy and cumbersome fans, or radiant heat that will scold you if you dare get within a few centimetres. Eskimo radiators provide radiant heat and convection heat, which makes any room they are installed in more comfortable and pleasant.
  3. This technology means our radiators are smaller than other radiators that produce the same amount of heat.
  4. If you didn’t know it was an electrical radiator, you might think our Outline radiators were a piece of art. There’s no knobs or other control equipment. There are simply the beautiful lines of the radiator elements and a power cable subtly placed on the underside. You can choose from finishes such as stunning metal, wood, natural stone, concrete, resin and other colour options. Robust technical engineering, yes. Stunning pieces of art, you bet.
  5. Eskimo electric radiators are quick to heat up and cool down.
  6. You’ll save on electricity with an Eskimo radiator over the life of the product, compared with other heating options. We estimate that a homeowner can save between 12 per cent and 18 per cent on energy costs compared to alternative heating choices.
  7. There is no fluid inside an Eskimo electric radiator, so there is no chance of leaks and they are more reliable. No fluid also means a more even distribution of heat across the surface of the radiator elements.
  8. While it might not concern you, your installer will also be happy you chose an Eskimo, because they are incredibly easy to install and set-up.
  9. Eskimo Outline radiators are great in any home and are also a very cost effective heating solution for commercial premises and hotels.
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Love the look of our electric radiators? Then why not select one of our towel rails in the same finish? They are an exceptional piece of furniture in their own right… And they’ll do a darn, fine job of keeping your towels warm! Check out our range of designer radiators or our beautiful heated towel rail Gordon

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