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Why are vertical heated towel rails becoming so popular?

Why are vertical heated towel rails becoming so popular?

There was a time when people once made phone calls using a rotary telephone. Now we have a phone that we use for messaging, browsing, social media and taking photos. We even make the occasional phone call with them!

For us here at Eskimo Heat, the heated towel rail going vertical is a bit like the move from old-fashioned phones to smartphones. Vertical heated towel rails are not only smarter – pun intended – they have many additional benefits over traditional horizontal models. And, thankfully, there are many people who agree with us, which is why vertical heated towel rails are becoming so popular.

Vertical heated towel rail benefits

The Rolls Royce of vertical heated towel rails is the Gordon, a towel rail that looks like an art installation when installed in your bathroom. It not only looks different, but it also performs better and has many benefits over the horizontal towel rails that were once the only models on the market.

The benefits of the Gordon heated towel rail include:

  • To dry your towels, you simply drape them over the Gordon’s vertical fins. While the Gordon is compact, it can dry four large towels or bath mats. To do this with a horizontal towel rail you’d need to fold your towels, making the drying process highly inefficient.
  • Gordon is made from aluminium. While this makes Gordon 100 per cent recyclable, it also ensures the warm up to operating temperatures is very quick – about three times quicker than standard heated towel rails.
  • Gordon’s fast heat up and design means it can dry your four towels much faster than traditional horizontal towel rails. You can expect to get the job done three or even four times faster than most models on the market. We call it flash dry technology.
  • This makes Gordon an energy miser. When combined with a timer, Gordon can be programmed to operate for four hours per day or even less. You can still enjoy dry, warm towels at shower time without the bill shock!
  • Just because it dries towels efficiently doesn’t mean it gets dangerously hot. In fact, the surface temperature is regulated to a maximum of 43 degrees Celsius, which is lower than many towel warmers. The surface does get hotter where the towels are hung over the vertical fins, but it’s still a safe temperature to touch.
  • While the Gordon may be the Rolls Royce of heated towel rails, that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. At $875 it’s very affordable and comparable to any good quality horizontal towel rail.
  • While Gordon does dry four large towels, at 1000 mms high, 208 mms wide and 111mm deep, it is more compact than even small horizontal models. This means it can fit in even small bathrooms and is suitable for new builds, renovations and retrofitting into existing bathrooms.
  • Our vertical towel rails are heated by electricity and not liquid filled like some heated towel rails. This means they will give you many years of maintenance free service.
  • Horizontal towel rails do look impressive, but we reckon Gordon is even more of an eye catcher. In addition, it’s available in four colours – white, black, dark grey and sandstone. The surface is lightly textured to ensure towels won’t slide off.
  • If you need to dry more than four towels or bath mats, there’s even a double Gordon you can buy. With capacity for eight towels, it can cater for most large families.

Double gordon heated towel rail

A happy Adelaide customer

One person who recognised the benefits and good looks of Gordon was Tanya Dakiniewicz from Adelaide. When she had her bathroom renovated, she chose a Gordon partly because it was different to anything else on the market.

“We purchased and installed a Gordon in white with a timer switch,” Tanya says. “The first thing we noticed was how different it was from other models. We also liked the compactness, style and the energy efficiency.

“We love the finish and that it complements the style of our bathroom, without being an eyesore. It’s just a lovely, complementary, modern element.”

Tanya recommends for others to purchase a timer with their Gordon, like she did, to maximise the energy efficiency of the product.

Black double gordon

Purchase your own Gordon

To experience the benefits yourself, you can purchase a Gordon online from our website or from one of our showrooms. You can also find out more information on the Gordon on our website.

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