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Heated towel warmer goes vertical

Black Gordon heated towel warmer

We probably all know what a heated towel warmer looks like. Pretty much like a standard towel rail with extra rungs that run horizontally down the wall. Right? Well, not necessarily. Just as people such as the Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell have made giant leaps forward in the past, the clever people at Eskimo have revolutionised heated towel warmers. And the future is vertical.

Double gordon vertical heated towel warmer

The vertical heated towel warmer is here… and its name is Gordon!

The vertical heated towel warmer was born out of the understanding that standard heated rails with horizontal bars just didn’t work efficiently. Tests undertaken by Eskimo found that often damp towels weren’t being dried or warmed, even when left overnight. Plus, these towel rails used a lot of energy.

Then, perhaps by accident, perhaps after a few beverages or more likely by a stroke of genius, we decided to see what happened when damp towels were hung over the ends of horizontal heated towel warmers. You might be surprised to hear (but our boffins weren’t!) that the towels actually dried more effectively. While only using a small part of the ladder rail the towels were drier and warmer than when used conventionally.

Many people would have left the experiment there and headed to the pub, but not the people at Eskimo. While they knew they’d hit upon an excellent discovery, they also knew that using this method only two towels could be dried at a time and a lot of energy was being wasted.

So, they reinvented the heated towel warmer and called it Gordon. OK, perhaps they should have put as much thought into the name of the heated towel warmers as they did invent it, but we’re sure you’ll love Gordon just the same!

Black vertical heated towel warmer wall mounted

With the understanding that horizontal towel warmers didn’t work well and were energy wasters, Eskimo set about coming up with a better design. And, in Eskimo’s inimitable fashion of breaking design boundaries, pushing the rules and inventing products that work beautifully and look great, they created what we believe is the first vertical heated towel warmer.

The result is a product that looks almost like a piece of art than a heated towel warmer. But don’t let that fool you. Gordon’s heated hanging fins do the job they were designed to do and they do it extremely well.

For example, our towel warmer will dry towels at least four times faster than horizontal towel warmers. It will also reach operating temperature around one-third of the time. All-up, this means the Gordon will flash dry your towels and will reduce energy usage, saving you money. 

Hang on, you might be thinking, does this mean the Gordon gets unsafely hot? The simple answer is no. The surface temperature of our heated towel warmer is regulated to a maximum of 43ºC – quite a lot lower than traditional warmers. It does get a little hotter when towels are hung over the fins – around 56ºC – but this is still a safe temperature for touch.

Hot looking? Yes. Hot to the touch? No. Our heated towel warmer goes vertical!

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