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Electric towel rails shouldn't only keep your towel warm

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Eskimo Heat’s heated towel rails are beautiful

Picture this, it’s mid July in Australia, you wake up on a cold wet winters morning. It’s hard to get out of bed, but it is made a little easier when you remember that there is not only a hot shower waiting for you, but also a warm towel sitting upon your luxury heated towel rail. Not only is your towel warm but so is your bathroom. Waking up from now is a little easier! At Eskimo Heat, our designer heated towel rail ‘Gordon’ is both a stylish and practical addition to your bathroom.

Choosing an electric heated towel rail

If you’ve been looking around for a heated towel rail, you’ll be aware there is no shortage of options. It is, however, important to be aware that there are many cheap, poor quality rails on the market that can cause an array of issues . From breaking regularly, being ineffective and even being dangerous to have in your home, low-quality towel rails can be a pain to say the least.


At Eskimo Heat we offer high quality designer radiators fit to last. ‘Gordon’, our signature heated towel warmer comes in two different sizes and three colours, ensuring you’ll have an option to suit your bathroom. Gordon is stylish, yet subtle. It can either be the centrepiece of your bathroom, or blend it depending on the look you’re going for.

Why our vertical rails?

Freestanding rails can waste space and don’t look as stylish. The Gordon rail is mounted on your wall, making it neat and safe. It can be either simply plugged into your wall, or can be hard-wired by a qualified electrician.

Gordon is energy efficient and drys towels three times quicker than the standard heated ladder rail. It is space saving due to it being horizontal, this also stops the towels from overlapping and thus not drying properly. The Gordon heated towel rail has the ability to increase its heat once a towel has been placed on it, to ensure that it is always at a safe temperature. Many towel rails operate at a dangerously high temperature. Due to the design of Gordon, it does not need to be heated this high to do an effective job.

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Our electric towel rail is of high quality and efficiency

At Eskimo Heat we have years of experience and testing under our belts. We pride ourselves on our high quality products. Choosing a heated towel rail right for you can be difficult! But if you’re after a unique stylish product that we guarantee will heat your towels quickly and safely, Gordon may just be right for you!

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