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Choosing the right size heated towel rail for your bathroom

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Whether you have a family of five using the one bathroom, are a single person using an ensuite, have a big bathroom or a small one, if you’re in the market for a new heated towel rail size does matter.

When it comes to the size of your heated towel rail, size matters for two main reasons. Firstly, you’ve got to think of the number of towels and bath mats you want to hang and dry. Secondly, you then have to consider buying a rail that will suit your bathroom’s dimensions. Can you buy a single towel rail that will suit both needs? Yes, you can, but you may have to think outside the box in some cases.

Gordon heated towel rail

How many towels and bath mats do you need to dry?

The first consideration is the number of items you need to dry. If we go back to our opening paragraph, the family of five will mostly likely need to dry six items (five towels and one bath mat) and the single person two. We think you should be handle the maths if this doesn’t cover your situation!

If you buy a heated towel rail that is too small you’ll have to fold your items numerous times to get all your towels and bath mats to fit. This will probably mean your towels won’t dry correctly or you’ll need to run your unit all day to get them dry. Either way, it’s inefficient. If you buy a unit that’s too large, it’s likely you’ll be wasting energy. Again, inefficient.

The other thing to point out when it comes to the number of towels you have to dry, is that the standard horizontal heated towel rails – the ones that look a little like a ladder – have a flaw. They simply don’t fit enough towels.

A small model will only fit one towel or bath mat and even the largest models on the market will only fit two or three. In many cases, homeowners are forced to fold their towels and bunch them up to fit them all on their towel rails, which means towels don’t dry as quickly and often don’t dry at all.

Of course you could install two heated towel rails in the one bathroom, but this is only possible if you have enough space.

Double Gordon heated towel rail

How big is your bathroom?

The next consideration is the size of your bathroom. Thankfully this is pretty simple. As a rule of thumb, the larger the bathroom the bigger the heated towel rail you should install. Small models will look out of proportion in a big bathroom and large models will take up too much space and look gigantic in small bathrooms.

Another thing to consider is how much wall space do you have. Even in some large bathrooms you might be limited with the area that you have to play with.

Gordon – the heated towel rail that is out of the box

At the start of this post, we pondered whether it’s possible to buy a single towel rail that will suit both the dimensions of your bathroom and the number of towels and bath mats you have to dry. The good news is you can and Gordon is the answer.

Gordon is the heated towel rail that is out of the box, and we don’t mean the box it comes in when you buy one. What we mean is that it’s a bit different. Or quite a bit different, depending on how you look at things.

For starters, there is the look. Gordon is a vertical heated towel rail, not a horizontal model that you’ll find in most bathrooms. Its rails – or vertical fins as we refer to them – are very stylish. It’s available in two sizes – four fins for the standard model and eight for the double – and its design and function means that it will fit perfectly in both small bathrooms and large.

While you could perhaps install a Gordon and just look at it – it does look mighty impressive after all – that’s not entirely what it’s designed for. What it is designed for, from the bottom up, is to dry towels and bath mats better than any other model on the market.

Compared to most heated towel rails, Gordon is more efficient and dries towels quicker. How quickly? Around a third of the time. At the same time it uses less energy than most units, so you can save money on energy bills and have drier, warmer towels in a fraction of the time.

The other big thing – and we mean big – is that Gordon can dry up to four towels and bath mats (or eight in the case of the larger Gordon) at the same time. As we mentioned earlier, most horizontal towel rails struggle to dry a couple of towels. Imagine the size of the unit you’d need to dry eight?

Find out more about Gordon on the on our product page.

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