What Makes A High-Quality Heated Towel Rail?

What Makes A High-Quality Heated Towel Rail?

What Makes A High-Quality Heated Towel Rail?

Investing in a heated towel rail is a decision that can significantly enhance the comfort and functionality of your bathroom space. Not only do heated towel rails provide the luxury of warm towels, but they also serve as practical heating and storage solutions.

With a wide array of options available on the market, all sitting at different price points and sold by different brands, it can be hard to know what exactly makes a good-quality heated towel rail. To help you navigate the selection process, here’s our opinion on what makes a high-quality heated towel rail.


Design: Horizontal vs Vertical

We design, test, and manufacture all our vertical heated towel rails, so we can be seen as biased here, but it's not without reason. With over 20 years of manufacturing radiators and innovative heating solutions, we’ve done various studies and vertical heated towel rail designs always come up on top in terms of efficiency. Hanging towels vertically takes advantage of the natural way we hang our towels, reducing dead, damp air pockets and promoting air-flow. If it were us shopping, we’d be avoiding horizontal towel rails and ladders, and opting for a higher quality vertical design.

Heating: Liquid Vs Dry Heating

When choosing a heated towel rail a crucial factor is how your towels are heated. High-quality modern options tend to be electric and use dry heating elements, which stamps out the possibility of corrosion, leads to quicker warm-up times, and uses less energy than older liquid-filled heated towel rails. Another major win with dry heating elements is when your heated towel rail reaches the end of its natural lifespan, you can simply replace the heat mat with a new one. We sell replacement heat mats for our Gordon Heated Towel Rail on our store here.

Exterior Build: Aluminium All The Way

When people think of high-quality materials they generally think stainless steel. When it comes to heated towel rails however, stainless steel is not the best option. Stainless steel is heavy, is prone to rust, and takes longer to warm up. Instead, look for a high-quality aluminium heated towel rail with a non-slip textured finish like our Gordon Heated Towel Rail.


Smart Home Compatibility

A high-quality heated towel rail should work for you, not the other way around. As heated towel warmers are only used for a portion of the day, the ability to have your unit automatically switch on and off when you need it to is a must-have. High quality units like our Gordon Heated Towel Rail can be linked to an auto timer so your unit will automatically turn on prior to your morning shower, then once you’re finished using your warm, fluffy towels, will automatically turn off afterwards leaving bone-dry towels for the next day. The time-slots can be adjusted via a mobile phone app.

Who You’re Purchasing From Matters

This point is a little different from the rest, but we think who you’re purchasing from matters. Here at Eskimo Heat we design, build, manufacturer, and sell all our heated towel rails in-house. When you purchase from us, you know you’re getting a UK-made unit that’s built-to-last, and made with years of testing under the hood. This also means you’re cutting out unnecessary middle-man costs, because you’re buying direct from the manufacturer, and you’ll always have access to local customer support should you have any questions.

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